Equipment Rentals
  1. -Audio

  2. -Lighting

  3. -Special FX

  4. -Video

  5. -Rigging

    Light This Productions has an extensive inventory of rental equipment.

Whether you need it for a day, a week, or for a 3 month tour, we have what you are

looking for. Our rates are highly competitive and we offer special discounts to churches and schools. All of our inventory is professional equipment that is clean and well maintained. Call us today for a quote for your next event.

    Our inventory undergoes routine maintenance and

updates to ensure that all equipment operates at its

peak performance. Contact us for repair info on your

equipment as well.

Audio Gear

Digidesign SC48 Console

Yamaha CL5 Digital Console

Yamaha QL1 Digital Console

Yamaha M7cl-48 Console

Yamaha LS9-32 Consoles

Yamaha LS9-16 Console

Nexo Geo S12 Line Array

Meyer M1D Line Array

Meyer M1D Subs

Meyer 700HP Subs

Meyer UPA Cabinets

Meyer CQ1 Cabinets

Meyer Galileo 616 Processor

Meyer Galileo 408 Processor

Nexo PS15 Cabinets

Nexo PS10 Cabinets

Nexo PS8 Cabinets

Nexo NXAMP4x4

Apogee AE5 Cabinets

Yamaha DXR12 Speakers

Yamaha DXR8 Speakers

QSC HPR181 Subwoofers

QSC HPR122 Speakers

Tascam CD Recorders

Shure Microphones

Neumann Microphones

Sennheiser Microphones

AKG Microphones

200’ 48 pr Transformer split

200’ 20 pr Drive snake

100’ 48 pr Snake w/ sub snakes

100’ 20 pr Drive snake

Sennheiser Wireless Systems

Shure UHF R Wireless

Dugan Auto Mixers

Kramer 1x10 Audio DA’s

Isolated Mult Boxes (Press Box)

Sennheiser G2 IEM wireless

Helical Antennas


12” Box Truss - 3’, 5’, 8’, 10’

12” Corner Blocks

12” Hinge Plates

20.5” Box Truss - 5’ & 10’

20.5” Hinge Plates

23”x15”x8’ (pre rig truss)

14’ O.D. Circle Truss (12”)

12” Truss Bases

12” Triangle Truss - 10’ (Black)

10’ Custom Ladder Truss

Soft Goods

40’x20’ Black Backdrops

30‘x15’ Black Backdrops

20‘x30’ Black Backdrops

40’x20’ White Scrim

5’x20’ Black Side Legs

15‘x30’ White Cyc

10’x15’ White Spandex Shapes

15‘x20’ White Spandex Shapes

5‘x20’ Silver Poly Silk

20’x5’ Silver Poly Silk

5’x8’ Silver Poly Silk

Control Booth Drape Kit

2’ x 22’ Truss Skirts

Chauvet LED Star Drops


Clearcom Tempest Wireless Com

Clearcom Systems

2-way Motorola Radios

Wireless Com System Interface

Contact Us to set up your next rental.

Lighting Gear

GrandMA2 (Ultra Light)

GrandMA2 Command Wing

GrandMA2 Fader Wing

Hedge Hog 4 Console

Platinum Beam 5R Extreme

VL2500 Spots

Martin MAC 101’s

Elation Rayzor Q7

Chauvet Nexus 4x4 LED Panel

Chauvet Nexus 4x1 LED Panel

Martin Atomic 3000 Strobes 110V

Martin Atomic 3000 Strobes 220V

SGM XC-5 Color LED Strobe

Elation Design Brick 36 LED

Chauvet Slim Par Pro Tri LED

ADJ Ultra Flat Par LED’s

Color Blast 6 LED fixtures

Color Blaze 48 & 72 fixtures

Elation LED Tubes

Elation Octopod LED’s

ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals

ETC Source Four Pars

ETC Source Four Pars (on 6 bars)

Par 64s (on 6 bars)

Par 64 ACL Bars

2 Lite Blinders

8 Lite Blinders

Strand 2k Fresnels

Mole Richardson 2k Fresnels

NSI Dimmer Racks and Racks

ETC Sensor Dimmer Rack

NSI Controllers

DMX opto splitters

Strong 1k Followspots

Altman Follow Spots

Wildfire UV (600W) Black Light


Sumner Eventer 20 Lifts

Applied L16 Crank Stands

Penn Elcom PA Towers (13’)

CM 1 ton Motors

CM 1/2 ton Motors

CM 1/4 ton Motors

Motion Labs Motor Controllers

3/8” Steel (2’,5’,10’,20’,30’)

CM Shackles (5/8”, 3/4”, 1/2”)

Spansets (3’,4’,6’)

Deck Chain (3’)

Alumalok Airwall Hangers

1 ton Beam Clamps

2 ton Beam Clamps

3 ton Beam Clamps

1.5” Pipe (2’,4’,5’, 10’ lengths)

1” Pipe (10’ & 12’ lengths)

Double Swivel clamps

C Stands w/ Boom

Special FX

Cryo Jets (CO2)

X Laser 50mw Green Laser

Pyro Pak systems

LeMaitre Snow Machines

LeMaitre G300 Hazer

LeMaitre LSG Package

MDG Atmosphere Hazer

Unique Hazers

LeMaitre Radiance Hazer

Reel FX DF50 Hazer

Martin Pro 2000 Foggers

Le Maitre Neutron Hazer

Confetti/Streamers (C02)

Omni Systems Pyro Foggers

Rosco Cold Flow Module

Bubble Machines

Power Distribution

Motion Labs Distros & Rac Pacs

Motion Labs Stringer Pacs

Custom Distros (single phase)

Custom Distros (three phase)

1 in 3 out Cam Distros (3 phase)

100’ 2/O 5 wire feeder

75’ 2/O 5 wire feeder

15’ 2/O 5 wire feeder

75’ 4/O 5 wire feeder

50’ #2 5 wire feeder

25’ #2 5 wire feeder

5’ and 10’  Interconnects (2 OT)

Video Equipment

Absen A7 LED Video Panels

Barco DCS-200 Switcher

Ross Carbonite Custom Rack

Arkaos Media Server Rack

Panasonic AV-HS300 Switcher

Panasonic AWHS50 Switcher

Extron ISS108 Scalers

Hitachi HD5000 Camera Chains

Screenworks Screen 10‘x30’

Screenworks Screen 12‘x21’

Screenworks Screen 9‘x16’

DaLite 7x13 Screen Kits

DaLite 10.5x14 Screen Kits

DaLite 6x8 Screen Kits

Analog Way EASY Fade Scalers

Sanyo PLC-XU101 Projectors

Sanyo PLC-XW200 Projectors

Sanyo 7k LCD Projectors

Panasonic 6k DLP Projectors (4:3)

Panasonic 6k DLP Projectors (16:9)

Panasonic 12k 3chip DLP PJs (HD)

Panasonic 42” Plasma Monitors

Samsung 51” Plasma Monitors

Samsung 65” Plasma Monitors

Sony 32” LCD Monitors

Panasonic 17” HD Reference Mon

19” LCD Monitors

15” LCD Monitors

Apple MAC PRO Computer

Sony DVD Recorder/Players

Kramer Video DA’s

Extron Video DA’s

FSR Video DA’s

Canare HD RGBHV Cable

Canare BNC Cable

Pro Video Player Software

Playback Pro Plus Software

Edirol Video DVR w/ Elo Touch

Matrox Video Processor TH2GO

Intelix Component to Cat5e Baluns

Black Magic SDI Embedders

Black Magic SDI De Embedders

AJA SDI Converters

AJA KiPro Recorder (HD or SD)


Kabuki Units

Custom “Kitchen” Case

Custom Podium w/ LCD Monitor

DSAN Perfect Cue Systems

DSAN Counter Timer / Clock

25 lb Sand Bags

Yellow Jacket Cable Ramps

SMAART Software

WYSIWYG Design Software